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Tashiena is on her freedom path and we are raising funds to support her re-entry into the free world. Further, we are raising money to support opening up more channels for restorative and transformative practices. This work is both an act of community mutual aid & love and political in nature. Therefore we are asking for your generous support. It is not easy to work towards smooth reentry. Incarceration and efforts towards re-entry can be expensive for the person incarcerated and the family supporting them. For someone who has spent years inside, re-establishment is a hard and financially burdensome path. This money will help with housing, technology, clothes, transportation, and schooling. It will also help fuel the political and community organizing work we need to get more women free. 

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If you have ideas about how to work towards freedom for more people and build loving community OR if you want to be involved in study groups, contact us!

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